Passionate About Inspiring Others

Dr. Washington prides herself on being an individual who is continuously seeking knowledge in order to enhance the resources available to others. In any capacity of the services that you will be receiving, you will have the ability to learn, grow and develop knowledge so that you, in turn, can help others as well if you choose to do so. 

Dr. Washington has several years of experience in finance, education, mentorship as well as a host of other community related programs that she has been involved with. We have a dedicated staff able and willing to assist you to achieve the goal that you have set for yourself or your business and also help you establish a plan of how long it will take to  complete and your next steps. We understand that opening a business can be really daunting and that's why we are here. Let us alleviate the stress and tediousness of these tasks so that you are able to focus on building YOU!

  • Bachelors in Political Science

  • Masters in Business Administration Leadership Management

  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership

  • 10 Years Higher Education Administration

  • 5 Years Higher Education Teaching

  • 15 Years Business Management

  • 5 Years as a Business Owner